DAP4CS options dialog allow you to choose diagnostic adapter type and connection type for ELM327. Most options are self-explanatory, but some described next:

  • Emulate KWP 2000 one byte header (ELM327 only)

    ELM327 adapter does not supports KWP 2000 message headers with no address information (one-byte header, A1,A0=00, see clause 4.2 of ISO 14230-2:1999E). Some vehicle manufacturers utilize this variant of KWP 2000 protocol. DAP4CS implements an original method, which allows ELM327 to communicate with Control Unit using this variant of KWP 2000 protocol. However data transfer rate using this method may be low. Do not use ELM327 in this emulation mode for any procedures, other than reading/erasing DTC and for reading current parameters. This option is on by default.

  • Do not use Bit Bang mode for low bitrates

    Some legacy OEM diagnostic protocols use very low bitrates for communication with Control Units. Such an example is Mitsubishi MMC SCI protocol, which may use 67bps communication speed. This very low bitrate does not supported by FT232 chip. To overcome this restriction DAP4CS use Bit Bang mode which is supported by FT232. However, this mode may be incorrectly implemented in some revisions of FT232 and chinese clones of FT232, therefore it is off by default.

  • Automatic flow control

    This option enables FC-frames auto generation by ELM327 (or STN) adapter in response to FirstFrame (ISO15765). When this option is disabled, DAP4CS uses only software generated FC-frames.

  • Use manual CAN lines switch

    Select this option if you are using a diagnostic adapter with a manual CAN bus lines switch or an optional connector with a CAN bus lines switch. For example ELM327 with a HS_CAN/MS_CAN manual switch.

  • Enable debug log

    This Software is under development, it may contain bugs, which can induce communication errors. Debug logs will help Software developer to fix bugs and improve reliability.

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